Wednesday, 27 February 2013

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Child of Vengeance - David Kirk

Release Date: 31/01/13
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster


Scholar. Warrior. Samurai. His name was Bennosuke, son of the great Munisai Shinmen, known throughout the empire as one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. His destiny was to become a great warrior like his father - a Samurai, one of the most feared and respected in the world. But before fame comes action, and Bennosuke must prove himself on the battlefield before he can claim his inheritance. And in his way stands the vengeful Kensaku, son of Lord Nakata, the face of the enemy, a man who is determined to kill Bennosuke. It is a battle between honour and vengeance, pride and reputation. And Bennosuke must look death in the eye before he can call himself a warrior. Before he can call himself Musashi, the greatest warrior of all time...


In recent years its become vogue for historical fiction authors to write stories from pivitol points in history with the key player as the hero and yet whilst a number of them are well known I’ve always wanted to see how well it would translate to heroes that the Western world isn’t quite as familiar with. In this case David Kirk tackles the story of Musashi Miyamoto,.

What this story firstly presents to the reader is a story that has been carefully researched, secondly it brings together strands of history and weaves its way into a tale to dazzle the modern reader and when paired with an author who clearly loves the time as well as culture that is depicted really makes it a hard title to not only put down but leave each night. Add to this bloodshed, treachery and of course political manoeuvring and all round it’s a title that I was more than pleased I took the time to read.

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