Friday, 3 July 2009

CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Kill her Again - Robert Gregory Browne


FBI agent Anna McBride has reached a crisis point in her life. Disgraced and demoted after leading a disastrous operation in South San Francisco, she finds herself reassigned to one of the Bureau's Southern California satellite offices, stuck with a partner who's about as obnoxious as they come. But Anna is also battling demons of her own. Increasingly vivid and disturbing nightmares have begun to blur her judgement and interfere with her job, nightmares of a little girl being kidnapped by a man who keeps appearing with a red cap. When she seeks the help of hypnotherapist, Daniel Pope - a consultant on a case she's currently investigating - a past life regression session suggests that Anna is the reincarnated victim of a notorious serial killer. Armed with this knowledge, and using clues found only in her nightmares, Anna circumvents Bureau rules and begins investigating a twenty-eight year-old case, hoping to find the killer of the girl who once harboured her soul.


From the blurb on the rear of this novel I was expecting something pretty darn special, blending a touch of the supernatural with large dash of crime thriller. What was presented however didn't really fulfil either brief to the potential promised within. The writing is direct and with a number of characters who really don't serve any purpose other than to be victims it follows a pretty simple and perhaps too predictable plot outline with the literal architecture clearly on view for all to see. Whilst this can be a blessing at times I was expecting something a lot more complex leaving me reeling from page to page. Alas whilst there were glimmers of the sheer potential behind the tale it sadly limped to the finish line. Whilst it may still be worth picking up if you want something you don't have to think too much about, it reminds me more of those Videos that my Dad used to get, the cover entices you in, the blurb hooked you but the film failed to deliver.

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