Thursday, 23 July 2009

NEWS: "He's a very Naughty Boy!" Terry Gilliam Film Festival

Hail Mighty Readers and Cinema Fans,
Our friends at the British Film Institute asked us to let you know about the Terry Gilliam Film season that theyre having in August. As Python and Gilliam officionado's we just had to publish this for you, after all he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy but very good at what he does. Enjoy this trip into the mind of a true eccentric of the modern era.

We'll shortly be announcing a competition run in conjunction with the BFI so stay tuned.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • Sat 8 Aug 17:50 NFT2 book
  • Tue 11 Aug 20:30 NFT3 book

A gloriously over-the-top telling of a series of tall tales.

  • Sun 2 Aug 20:10 NFT1 book
  • Fri 7 Aug 18:00 NFT1 book
  • Fri 14 Aug 20:15 NFT1 book

Visionary cult classic which blends Kafka with Orwell's 1984 to stunning effect.

The Brothers Grimm
  • Sun 23 Aug 18:10 NFT3 book
  • Tue 25 Aug 18:30 NFT3 book
  • Sun 30 Aug 20:30 NFT3 book

Spectacular fairy tale packed with rip-roaring action and disturbing fantasy.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Sat 22 Aug 20:40 NFT1 book
  • Sun 23 Aug 20:40 NFT1 book
  • Mon 24 Aug 18:20 NFT1 book

Bold, mind-bending adaptation of Hunter S Thompson's 'gonzo' classic.

The Fisher King
  • Sat 15 Aug 17:50 NFT2 book
  • Tue 18 Aug 20:20 NFT2 book

Modern fantasy about the corruption and re-imagining of the American Dream via Arthurian Legend.

  • Sun 2 Aug 17:40 NFT1 book
  • Fri 7 Aug 20:45 NFT1 book
  • Sat 8 Aug 20:40 NFT2 book

Menacing, blackly comic medieval fantasy shot on a shoestring budget.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Thu 6 Aug 21:00 NFT1 book
  • Wed 12 Aug 20:45 NFT1 book
  • Thu 13 Aug 18:00 NFT1 book

Fondly remembered Python feature that inspired the stage musical Spamalot.

Terry Gilliam: Pot Pourri
  • Thu 20 Aug 20:45 NFT1 book

A rapid gallop through the flotsam and jetsam of Gilliam's career.

  • Thu 27 Aug 20:40 NFT3 book
  • Mon 31 Aug 18:00 NFT3 book

A dark fable in turns scary, disturbing, tense and full of strange wonder.

Time Bandits
  • Mon 3 Aug 20:45 NFT1 book
  • Sun 9 Aug 20:40 NFT2 book
  • Sat 29 Aug 13:30 NFT1 book

Crowd-pleasing, unexpected smash-hit which brought Gilliam to wider attention.

Twelve Monkeys
  • Wed 19 Aug 20:20 NFT1 book
  • Fri 21 Aug 17:40 NFT3 book
  • Wed 26 Aug 20:15 NFT1 book
A convict is sent back in time in the hope of preventing an apocalypse.

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