Monday, 20 July 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding


Frey is the captain of the Ketty Jay, leader of a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts. An inveterate womaniser and rogue, he and his gang make a living on the wrong side of the law, avoiding the heavily armed flying frigates of the Coalition Navy. With their trio of ragged fighter craft, they run contraband, rob airships and generally make a nuisance of themselves. So a hot tip on a cargo freighter loaded with valuables seems like a great prospect for an easy heist and a fast buck. Until the heist goes wrong, and the freighter explodes. Suddenly Frey isn't just a nuisance anymore - he's public enemy number one, with the Coalition Navy on his tail and contractors hired to take him down. But Frey knows something they don't. That freighter was rigged to blow, and Frey has been framed to take the fall. If he wants to prove it, he's going to have to catch the real culprit. He must face liars and lovers, dogfights and gunfights, Dukes and daemons. It's going to take all his criminal talents to prove he's not the criminal they think he is ...


Originally a well known children's author, Chris Wooding has grown as an author along with his audience. With his latest offering, many will end up comparing it to the now sadly defunct Firefly but will have numerous problems with it. My first, and perhaps major complaint was that I really couldn't get a likeability factor for them, they really got on my nerves and instead of some in depth bonding relied more on the mannerisms of navvy's which might seem like clever macho stuff but is quite sad and annoying in the long run. It's a shame as the book had so much going for it but the author seems to have rushed the whole thing and sadly turned up an half assed attempt at a novel that won't please many if any at all. A sad shame to be honest as it had the makings of something great.

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