Wednesday, 8 July 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Genesis of Shanarra: Gypsy Morph - Terry Brooks


The last cities have fallen. Demons and once-men swarm the ravaged landscape of the former United States. A small band of survivors - the elves of Cintra and a ragtag group of human children and their protectors - flees northward toward a safe haven promised by the mystical King of the Silver River. To reach it, they must follow the boy named Hawk - now revealed as the legendary gypsy morph. With two Knights of the Word as their only protection, the brave remnant faces attacks on all sides. At stake are the survival of races human and elf - and the beginning of a new world for both.


Having been a fan of Terry’s work for a number of years I’ve always wondered how the world evolved into the Shanarra that we’ve all fallen in love with. (Especially now that Elfstones is about to be released as a major motion picture.) So having enjoyed the previous two novels I really couldn’t wait to see how he’d finish this part of the epic. It’s written with Terry’s usual punch, its also got lots of twists with a bedevilled quest for the heroes to complete. However, that said, the characters weren’t as well defined, they felt like they’d taken a step back as if they’d become more wooden as opposed to growing to the roles into which they’d been thrust. A great shame to be honest as I expect more from an established author and felt a tad let down by this drop in attention. Its still a good series, its still several notches above other authors and the twists are going to wow as well as enthral the reader however that one flaw in the book really got to me.

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