Wednesday, 22 July 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Goldstrike - Matt Whyman


Carl may have escaped from Camp Twilight, but now he's being pursued by a bounty hunter in the pay of the US government, and an al-Quaeda assassin. Wanted dead by one and alive by the other, he must use all his skills as a manipulator of both systems and people to survive. Can he play one enemy against the other in his bid to live another day? Hiding out in the least likely place possible - a warehouse hiding untold treasures - Carl has to harness the powers of Cleo, the super-computer who controls it. For Cleo is primed to unleash aggressive counter-measures at the least sign of intrusion - but can Carl get her on side?


Having missed the first tale in this series I was a little apprehensive at how coherent I’d get a little lost with this tale but was quickly sucked in. Not only is the character a Grade A YA antihero but one that seeks to do things their own way and strike the chance at preserving their freedom in any way that his expertise can manage. In the mix are a couple of villains who would have given Bond a troubling time and constantly seek to outdo and step on the others coat tails as they seek to take their prize (the antihero.) Well written, a solid plot and above all a tale where all hell breaks loose from the opening line.

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