Tuesday, 14 July 2009

HORROR REVIEW: The Birthing House - Christopher Ransom


When Conrad Harrison impulse-buys a big old house in Wisconsin, his wife Jo doesn't share his enthusiasm, reluctant at the idea of leaving their LA life - so Conrad is left to set up their new home as she ties up loose ends at work. But Conrad's new purchase is not all that it seems. Soon Conrad is hearing the ghostly wailing of a baby in the night, seeing blood on the floor and being haunted by a woman who looks exactly like Jo. With his wife away, Conrad becomes obsessed by the pregnant girl next door, Nadia, who claims to be a victim of the evil in the house. The crying leads him to a bricked-up body, and the mystery of the Birthing House unravels, pulling in Jo, Nadia and leading Conrad to a nightmarish conclusion...


For a first time author Christopher Ransom grabbed my attention from the beginning. The book was not only well written but the sheer scale of twists and turns really didn’t allow the reader chance to formulate idea’s and just as you think that you’ve got the hang of what’s going on, Christopher rips the carpet literally out from under you. I loved this book however the only downfall was that it felt that the author had so many idea’s for the ending that it they didn’t seem to interconnect and rather than a cohesive gel left you feeling more confused over what was happening. A shame to be honest as its pretty top notch. The only other thing to add is don’t let the book blurb put you off, for some reason its not as punchy as it could have been and that may well turn a few readers off.


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