Wednesday, 1 July 2009

HORROR REVIEW: Slights - Kaaron Warren


A "Wasp Factory" for the misery memoir generation. Stevie is a killer. When she sees people she asks them: "What do you see?" She's about to find out...


Any book that is advertised as "A Wasp Factory for the misery memoir generation," is going to have to be something special. Likewise, when a new publisher launches they also have to kick off with something special to show that they mean business and to make headway in the world of literature. So does Kaaron’s book deliver?

From the opening paragraph the book grabs you and takes you on an emotional roller coaster as each time you think that you’ve got a grasp on the principle protagonista, something else happens to make you think differently. Whilst the character comes across as a paranoid schizophrenic the one thing that sticks with you is the phrase, you’re only paranoid if they’re not out to get you. Within this mind twisting scenario, a nightmare comes to life as the character has to adapt to not only having “murdered” her mother but also having to adapt to a world to which the character seems intrinsically drawn. Definitely a tale that will leave you reeling and a story that will haunt you long after the final page is turned. Good stuff.

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