Tuesday, 7 July 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Grey Knights Omnibus - Ben Counter


The Grey Knights are servants of the Ordo Malleus, imperious, incorruptable warriors, whose very purpose is to seek out and destroy the most dangeous foes that humanity will ever face: daemons. Armed and armoured with the trappings of the daemonhunter, these stalwart Astartes bring death and destruction to the immortal denizens of the warp. Girded by faith, wielders of the nemesis force halberd, the Grey Knights step were others will not tread. There’s is the hardest task, risking their immortal souls in pursuit of the hungry entities of Chaos, the Imperium’s most arch foes, who, without the Grey Knights, would be but a feast on the sacrificial altar of darkness...


If you love your Adeptus Astartes then this is definitely going to be a must buy for your collection as Ben’s writings on this mysterious of Space Marine Chapter really does suck you in with three magnificent and high octane stories that will leave you glutted and wanting to get on with declaring your loyalty to the Emperor. Well written with classic Black Library characterisation that will really just blow you away and all tied up with a beautiful cover for an amazing price. Great going BL.

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