Tuesday, 14 July 2009

HORROR REVIEW: Black Cathedral - LH Maynard, MPN Sims


At an old manor house on a remote Scottish island, six managers of a large corporation arrive for a week-long stay. Within days they will all suffer horrifying deaths and their bodies will never be found. The government assigns the case to Department 18, the special unit created to investigate the supernatural and the paranormal. However, this is no mere haunted house. The evil on this island goes back centuries, but its unholy plots and schemes are hardly things of the past. In fact, while the members of Department 18 race to unravel the island's secrets, the forces of darkness are gathering...and preparing to attack.


With a kick ass beginning I had high hopes for this offering especially as there were paranormal themes within including a lead psychic protagonist. However as the tale carried on it became a tad too formulaic and sadly petered out as it continued with all the gusto of the beginning seeming to have lost its direction and ability to keep you interested. It went from a top notch read down to merely mediocre which was a great shame as if dragged along, long after its life expectancy into its undeath and beyond. Perhaps it may have been better had Maynard and Sims written a series of short stories as they have a talent to bring you straight in at a level that sustains itself and would have had a greater impact upon the reading market.

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