Tuesday, 28 July 2009

DVD REVIEW: SG1: Children of the Gods (The Final Cut)


On a special mission to distant Planet Abydos, retired army hero Colonel Jack O'Neill is reunited with a scientist with a controversial and dangerous discovery: a map of the galaxy's various 'Stargates', or portals through which travel is possible. The pilot episode of the television series based on the 1994 Roland Emmerich film.


As a fan of the series from the beginning I've always wondered what it would be like if they could bring the technology that was developed later in the 12 years since the first episode to the original. Here, for the first time on DVD is the result of that.

Whilst some may say that its just the company looking for a way to cash in on the success the series, I'd have to disagree. Mainly as a number of the additions made the whole pilot not only into a feature length film but slicker and more in tune with the plotlines that the series became famed for. Smoother, richer and above all a more rounded script for the fans to enjoy, it really does give a true flavour of what could be accomplished were it begin again now. A great addition to any fans collection, and lets face it, with the long summer holidays to work thier way through, an SG1 marathon is probably one of the better ways to utilise that time. Be prepared for sadness, for laughter and a kick ass series that will keep the viewers clamouring for more. A great taster for new initiates to explore the phenom that SG1 became to see if its right for them.

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