Monday, 27 July 2009

NEWS: SG1: Children of the Gods Final Cut Released

SG 1 Fans have long talked about a special edition of the pilot episode, wondering what extra's have been added as it turns what was originally a two part adventure into a feature length film.

Released today for the first time in that format, fans will be teleporting to the shops to pick up this title. If of course you came late to the phenomena that is SG1 here's the perfect opportunity for you to get into it right at the beginning with the a whole cast of memorable characters including Major Samantha Carter, Tiel'c join Doctor Daniel Jackson and of course, the indomitable Colonel Jack O'Neill in thier fight against the Goa'uld whilst exploring various Stargates.

Falcata Times review will be appearing shortly, but we couldn't miss this opportunity to remind people of this classic shows release, especially at a time when people are looking for a way to help fill those long summer holidays.

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