Tuesday, 23 March 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: The Judging Eye - R Scott Bakker


A score of years after he first walked into the histories of Men, Anasurimbor Kellhus rules all the Three Seas, the first true Aspect-Emperor in a thousand years. The masses worship him as a living god, though a few dare claim he's a walking demon. With Proyas and Saubon as his Exalt-Generals, he leads a holy war deep into the wastes of the Ancient North, intent on destroying Golgotterath and preventing the Second Apocalypse. His wife and consort, Esmenet, meanwhile, remains in Momemn, where she struggles to rule not only his vast empire, but their murderous children as well. And Achamian, who lives as a Wizard in embittered exile, undertakes a mad quest to uncover the origins of the Dunyain. But Achamian, of all people, should know that one must be very careful what one seeks ...


There are a lot of things I love about Brian’s writing and the fact that he’s come up with a compelling trilogy is something that has to be applauded. Yet one thing that I won’t be thanking him for was finishing this trilogy. It was good fun and definitely been one that kept me entertained through the long winter nights as its almost evocative of the ancient saga’s of the heroes of old that deserves the untold attention of the reader as if they were being told about it around the campfire.

Whilst most books can’t be tackled by the newbie this is one series that can and Brian has taken the additional step of a summary of what has gone before in the tale which also helps the reader remember the previous outings if they’re not like me and have a reread prior to starting the new one. Not that I’m saying to do this as I think you get more by reading the work that’s gone before but you could if you wanted to.

With each new offering Brian has seemed to have gone from strength to strength, improved, adapted and created a truly unforgettable world in which the strength of character stands for more than anything else and whilst many think that its settled on the battlefield the female cast have proven to as formidable as the men. A cracking series and one that I have to congratulate Brian’s success with not only keeping me entertained but emotionally hooked.

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