Thursday, 11 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Medusa Project 2: The Hostage - Sophie McKenzie


Fourteen years ago, four babies were implanted with the Medusa gene - a gene for psychic abilities. Now teenagers, Nico, Ketty, Ed and Dylan have been brought together by government agents to create a secret crime-fighting force - The Medusa Project. But now Ketty's brother Lex has stumbled into a dangerous game involving his boss and a hidden bomb. It's up to Ketty to save him without letting on what she knows to the rest of the team. But can she control her psychic visions, and her feelings for Nico, without getting the team's cover - and herself - blown sky high?


Having had problems with Sophie’s original novel I really put this one on a back burner until a time that I felt ready to read it. What I got from this tale was better than the original however my major gripe from before was still there, that the principle character didn’t feel realistic or fully formed to get the reader behind them. The concept is very good, the execution acceptable if predictable however without a character that I can connect with, its always going to fail. A sad shame to be honest.

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