Monday, 8 March 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: Horus Heresy: A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill


Censured at the Council of Nikea for his flagrant use of sorcery, Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons Legion retreat to their homeworld of Prospero to continue their use of the arcane arts in secret. But when the ill-fated primarch forsees the treachery of Warmaster Horus and warns the Emperor with the very powers he was forbidden to use, the Master of Mankind dispatches fellow primarch Leman Russ to attack Prospero itself. But Magnus has seen more than the betrayal of Horus and the witnessed revelations will change the fate of his fallen Legion, and its primarch, forever.


With more details on the pivitol points of the Horus Heresy long been demanded by fans, its hardly a surprise that this is one of the fastest selling titles by the Black Library. What Graham brings to the fore is the ability to make the legion personable, whilst other Brotherhoods of the Astartes are just combat mad warriors here we have the thinkers who question decisions as well as taking the field to achieve the objective through brains as well as brawn. Beautifully written it’s a cracker of a novel that takes this legion into the shades of grey rather than the simplistic black and white of other books out there. No wonder it’s a popular title as McNeill really does give this his all.

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