Monday, 1 March 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Soul Hunter - Aaron Dembski-Bowden


The Night Lords are one of the most feared legions of Chaos Space Marines. Remorseless hunters and killers, they relentlessly battle the Imperium of Man to avenge the death of their Primarch Konrad Curze. Their dark crusade takes them to the valuable world of Crythe Primus, where they will fight Imperial forces to claim the planet. But will the allegiance with their cohorts in the Black Legion last long enough for them to be victorious?


I always wondered what Aaron would bring to the fore if given the chance to write about the Marine’s over the Imperial Guard. Yet when this offering landed, I didn’t quite expect what was unveiled within. Rather than just taking an Emperor Blessed Legion, he wrote about one of the traitor legions and the one that is less warped by the Chaos powers than any other as they joined for vengeance.

Murderous mayhem ensues as they’re drawn into a plan to attack one of the Mechanicum worlds and you know with Dembski-Bowden that the carnage is going to be high, the blood counted in oceans rather than drops and tied up with a strong story arc muscled between the covers. A real joy to read and with political machinations behind the scenes to play out in addition and it’s a wonder that it managed to appear in this one volume.

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