Thursday, 18 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Grisly Tales from Tumble Water - Bruno Vincent


Warning: Not for the faint-hearted! Welcome to the very damp and woeful world of Tumblewater, home to a creepy collection of depraved characters. Meet a young boy punished most appallingly for picking his nose; a pair of devilish bakers with murderous intentions in their buns; and a dentist whose strange, colour-changing eyes belie his perfectly gleaming smile. This title contains horrifying tales for good children and fair warning for bad!


What marks a book is one that translates to the young reader as well as the adult out there which is exactly what Bruno Vincent does with this offering. With touches of Poe, Dickens and some of the modern children greats its one that really will keep you guessing as each tale unfurls. Well written, often misdirected and cunningly entertained it’s a title that gave me a lot of reading pleasure as well as something that stayed with my nephew. Whilst its not something that will please very young reader as an adult I got a lot of miles from this offering and has made Bruno a name for me to keep an eye out for purely for entertainment.

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Selestial said...

Interesting. This sounds like a fun title for my son. Definitely jotting it down :)