Thursday, 25 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Tuck - Stephen Lawhead


Driven from their ancestral homeland, outlaw Rhi Bran and his band have made their home in the forest of the March, and are feared by all for their unrivalled skill with the longbow. But they cannot hide forever. Bold action is required, and they are willing to die in order to win peace for the people of Elfael. Bran's companions include the mighty champion Iwan, skilled forester Will Scarlet, rough-and-ready priest Friar Tuck and, new to the band, vagabond minstrel Alan a'Dale. Together they have constructed a desperate plan to rid themselves of the barbarous Ffreinc, led by the malevolent Abbot Hugo and Guy of Gysburne. Severely outnumbered, the band must rely on their wits, their intimate knowledge of the forest, and all their fighting prowess if they are to prevail.


The final part in Lawhead’s version of Robin Hood and one that I’ve long waited for since the previous titles release. What you can guarantee about a Lawhead title is that its well written with breath taking action sequences tied up with a realistic research record that really will make you wonder if he has perhaps uncovered a more realistic Robin Hood than has previously been noted. Perhaps the best way to sum him up is Lawhead is the Young Adult Cornwell. If that isn’t high enough praise I don’t know what is.

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