Thursday, 11 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Babies First Bath Books - Animals and Toys - Jo Moon


With a mirror and a sucker attachment so it won't float away!

Babies love to look at high-contrast images from birth, making these the perfect first bath books to share with a baby.

With delightful illustrations by Jo Moon and specially designed high-contrast patterns that become gradually more complex throughout the book, babies will be endlessly fascinated. Plus, these bath books have soft, safe, wipe-clean pages, a mirror to help focusing skills, and a sucker attachment so it won’t float away!


As an adult I’m always seeking ways to help the get the next generation hooked on reading early as it’s a gift that once given can take them on tales through time alongside the imagination with an absolutely limitless budget. What Jo does within these two books is give the baby something to look at, something to learn from and something to play with during bath time. They’re a great feature and addtion to any nursery and will present the parent with not only a distraction but something to help their baby develop. A great thing.

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