Thursday, 11 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Dork Diaries - Rachel Renee Russell


Nikki Maxwell is not popular, in fact Nikki Maxwell is the opposite of popular; she's a total dork! But Nikki's hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame-ways in the past. But life is never that simple! Follow Nikki's life through sketches, doodles and diary entries as she starts her new school, battles with her mum for an iPhone and meets her arch-nemisis, the school's queen bee, Mackenzie. Enter Nikki's world through her sketches, doodles and diary entries.


OK a book I was sent by the publisher on the off chance that I’d give it a go and was, to be honest wasn’t one that I got any real enjoyment from as I can’t identify with the principle protagonista a young girl in the modern world railing against the unfairness of her life. OK she didn’t have the latest mobile, she didn’t have the latest equipment but to “hear” the character all she did was whine about how unfair it all was as she couldn’t be one of the “in” girls. So what, there’s more to life than being popular with the latest gadgets. Whilst it will appeal to a certain demographic it’s a title that I felt was a tad unfair to the modern reader as I thought it put unfair pressure on the reader to have x y or z in a modern consumer world.

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