Thursday, 11 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Tip Tap went the Crab - Tim Hopgood


When a curious little crab tip-taps out of her rock pool to explore the big blue sea, she discovers a world full of wonderful creatures. But after she's counted everything from one noisy seagull and two sleepy sea lions to nine silent sharks at the bottom of the sea, the little crab soon realizes that her very own rock pool is the most amazing place of all. And so she tip-taps happily home . . closely followed by her ten baby crabs.


I love colourful books, I love books that have a good story, I love books that have a rereadability factor and that pretty much sums up Tim Hopgood in a nutshell. What you get with each of his offerings is a story that will entertain the reader, will also be asked for time and again tied up with a puzzle that will have even the adult frantically trying to locate the solution before the young reader. Its fun, it’s a story I’ve read four times already with my nephew and it’s a title that really has kept him amused. A greater praise cannot be heaped upon an author especially one for the younger generation.

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