Friday, 19 March 2010

THRILLER REVIEW: Dead Shot - Jack Coughlin


In Baghdad's Green Zone, an Iraqi scientist is murdered just before he is to reveal the monstrous secret weapon that Saddam Hussein took to his grave. The assassination is the work of a mysterious sniper called Juba, originally trained by the British but who now works with a twisted mastermind determined to wrest leadership of the Islamic terrorist world from Al Qaeda.

Kyle Swanson, once the top sniper in the US Marine Corps, has become the key member in a secret operations team known as Task Force Trident. When Juba tests the new weapon by killing hundreds of people at a Britsh royal wedding in London, Swanson is assigned to hunt down his old special ops rival.

Fast-paced and gripping, Dead Shot has all the hallmarks of a new military thriller blockbuster!!


If there is one piece of advice that is often hocked about in writing classes it’s “Write what you know.” So here, Gunnery Sergeant Jack Couglin does that. He writes a title about a sniper that whilst aimed at the thriller market is something perhaps more revealing about the mind of a trained sniper. Its reasonable, it’s got action but apart from that, the characters are a bit two dimensional and underused by the author. A shame but perhaps the key thing to remember about this title is that it has potential so with some extra guidance the author may well write a best seller.

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