Thursday, 18 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Gargoylz Triple Trouble - Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler


Meet the Gargoylz - mischievous little monsters who are super sneaky, super naughty and have super powers too! They look like funny stone statues on the church next door to max and Ben's school - but the boys soon find out that the Gargoylz come to life! And then lots of mischief, mayhem and super-spy adventures are guaranteed! Join the fun with this bumper book of three great Gargoylz books all rolled into one!


In a time when finances are tight, a book that blends three stories into one volume is always welcome to the adult pocket. Here, that’s what Red Fox have done with the first three Gargoylz stories by Burchett and Vogler but what can the reader and adult expect for their investment?

Well to put it bluntly a three stories where mischief, mayhem and fun ensues that will capture the young readers imagination to such a degree that they really will demand the other titles as soon as they’re available. It was a fun reading selection of sessions with my nephew as he really couldn’t wait to hear what they got up to. He also loved the free squidgy toy that he got with the title and proceeded to re-enact the adventures with some of his action figures after I’d gone home. That really is priceless as it says how deeply the gargoylz inspired his imagination and gave him the chance to grow through play. Now his parents are at their end tethers trying to get other titles to keep him amused although a certain Uncle reads them better apparently. LOL

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