Thursday, 4 March 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Dinosaur Disaster - Benedict Blathwayt


Fin, the dinosaur hero is back! But he's not alone ...the bullies are still hot on his tail! Luckily, when clever Fin finds the secret entrance to a hidden valley with its own volcanic spring, the bullies are too big to follow. And when the temperature drops and it suddenly starts to snow, the bullies discover they're in real danger ...But will Fin leave them out in the cold? Of course not! From safe inside the heated valley, kind-hearted Fin feeds those mean bullies every day until the weather changes. But do they say thank you? No! They chase him all the way home again - but clever Fin outwits them to the very end! Can readers spot Fin and his friends on the final spread as they hide from those dastardly dinos? This is a heart-warming tale about kindness and standing up to bullies, with a great 'look and find' final spread.


Benedict is a Young Persons author that I really enjoy as he brings a number of concepts along with moral obligation to the readers imagination and demonstrates that no matter what the bullies just don’t win against those who can outthink them. I like that. It’s a great thing to install and when you blend that with good storytelling and vivid colours it is going to remain with the young reader for quite some time. A great moral to pass onto a young reader and with characters that literally will jump into the target audiences mind and play there is something that I really enjoyed, perhaps nearly as much as my nephew.

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