Monday, 28 November 2011

CRIME REVIEW: Lily Bard 5: Shakespeare's Counselor - Charlaine Harris

Release Date: 10/11/11


Cleaning woman and karate expert Lily Bard is a woman with a complicated past. Trying her best to cope with her terrifying memories, she decides to join a therapy group in her adopted hometown of Shakespeare, Arkansas. As it turns out, the group members' feelings aren't the only things that need sorting out, as they assemble for a session only to find a woman dead, left on display to send a twisted message. Lily soon finds herself embroiled in the murder and its aftermath. Some of her own terrible secrets have been dredged up, and she may not be able to rest until she can untangle the 'who' and the 'why' of this terrible crime. But can she do so before the killer strikes again - and before her own nightmares send her over the edge?


The last one for now and one that delves into the mysteries associated with the past for the principle character Lily. It’s well written, its emotional and the principle players take their relationship to a deeper level emotionally and spiritually within the context. It’s a beautiful book and when you add Charlaine’s trademark writing traits into the mystery alongside the plot it’s a book that really will have you on tenterhooks.

Add to this a wonderful sense of fulfilment as emotional wounds begin to heal and the reader really is in for a treat in this current farewell to a cracking series. All round a great experience and one I’m pleased that Gollancz has chosen to print for the UK audience.

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