Tuesday, 15 November 2011

STEAMPUNK URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Vampire Empire 2: The Rift Walker - Clay and Susan Griffith

Release Date: 15/11/11


This is a rousing pulp action steampunk epic adventure - and a story of heartbreaking romance, sacrifice, and heroism. Princess Adele struggles with a life of marriage and obligation as her Equatorian Empire and their American Republic allies stand on the brink of war against the vampire clans of the north. However, the alliance's horrific strategy for total victory drives Adele to abandon her duty and embark on a desperate quest to keep her nation from staining its hands with genocide. Reunited with her great love, the mysterious adventurer known to the world as the Greyfriar, Adele is pursued by her own people as well as her vengeful husband, Senator Clark. With the human alliance in disarray, Prince Cesare, Lord of the British vampire clan, seizes the initiative and strikes at the very heart of Equatoria.


Having not been fully enamoured of the first title in the series (Greyfriar) I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I put this on the back shelf for quite some time whilst I prepared myself to endure a title for which I felt that I really would regret reading. What did occur however was the complete opposite, the problems that I had with the original seem to have been fixed, the characters are outstanding and with a fast paced action plot that takes the books principle players to Britain, its one that really did deliver what it promised.

Add to this solid authoring skills by the duo which when backed with great prose, solid dialogue and of course a few twists thrown in, demonstrated that a lot of the hard work of world building in the original, allowed for snappier pace as well as better character driven plot in subsequent titles.

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