Thursday, 24 November 2011

URBAN FANTASY ROMANCE REVIEW: The Lost Angels: Avenger's Angel - Heather Killough-Walden

Release Date: 24/11/11


The first in Heather Killough-Walden's fantastic new paranormal series, THE LOST ANGELS, features Uriel, the Angel of Vengeance
Four thousand years ago, four archangels were cast down to Earth in human form. God's favourites, they came to find their mates, the other half of their souls made only for them, without whom they will ever be complete.
Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael and Michael, however, were not alone. They were followed by another, determined to find the archesses for himself, and whose power cannot be underestimated. But after centuries of fruitless searching, the archangels - and their enemy - have all but given up hope.
Until one day beautiful and gifted Eleanore Granger crosses paths with Uriel, the Angel of Vengeance. And as a storm rages, outside forces conspire together, initiating an age old battle of good versus evil to win the first archess.


I’m a reader that at times is a sucker for a good love story with solid action as well as outstanding characters, unfortunately this title wasn’t the one to bring it all together for me. Don’t get me wrong, the principle players were interesting, the premise decent and of course the arc was reasonable but altogether it didn’t quite feel like it gelled that well to keep my interest and as such took a few starts and stops to get through.

Whilst this book however wasn’t for me, I did end up reading it more to make not of the authors skills and they will appeal to a lot of reader out there, especially if they have a Romeo and Juliet fixation or love a lot of the mushier Urban Fantasy titles but personally, it felt dated as well as a novel that could have toughened up as it went through to add steel to its backbone for the modern reader. That said I will watch out for future releases by Heather and I hope that a future title is just right for me.


Pat Hollett said...

This sounds like a book that would probably make a great movie since they bastardize movies anyway and glamorize them. It would probably end up being very good on screen, which would cut out the parts that didn't keep your interest. A good review. Very fair to the author as usual Gareth! Thanks for sharing. :)

Angela Addams said...

Hmmmm, interesting...I've never bought into the whole angel angle of pnr...doesn't do it for me...that and fairies...shudder...just doesn't make for a good book for some reason.