Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CUISINE REVIEW: Simply Good BRead - Peter Sidwell

Release Date: 18/08/11


Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly baked bread and Peter Sidwell has created over 50 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes for baking loaves using either conventional methods or a bread-maker. Simply Good Bread is packed with dozens of ideas to suit every mealtime and occasion: you'll find everyday breads such as French Onion Bread to make a simple lunch really special; Sun-dried Tomato and Thyme Loaf that's perfect for a dinner party; and Peter's favourite Cumbrian Whigg Bread - great for family picnics. With this book you too can enjoy the wholesome goodness and versatility of home-made bread.


I’m a simple person with simple pleasures and to be honest, whilst I do enjoy wonderfully cooked cuisine with a variety of accompaniments, it’s the simple traditional dishes that really mean more, they have that homely feel and remind you of childhood as well as giving you something warm and nutritious on those cold winter nights, it’s almost as if it tucks you up in bed and reads you a bed time story.

That said, my one real guilty pleasure (although I don’t think it is) is to get freshly baked bread, rip it open (or get a good doorstopper slab) and smear butter within, allow it to melt for a moment or two and then eat as is. It’s a great way to enjoy things and lets face it, with things like a casserole or a pot dish (see our review of Perfect Slow Cooking by Elizabeth Brown) it’s an almost magical combination.

So when this book from Peter landed I couldn’t resist flicking through the contents to see what I could make and enjoy. Within there’s a bread for almost every dish and occasion and when you add the joy of simple things like Damper bread it is something that can be done on the run or for a barbeque. (In fact one of the things he recommends is cooking it rolled up on a stick, although what I’d suggest is perhaps cooking some sausages and then wrapping the bread around before cooking it so you get a portable meal on the go.) It’s great fun, has some wonderful options and with the holiday period coming up I really can’t wait to try the Chestnut bread to get that wonderful smell as well as spirit into the house. Great stuff and the next time I’m back in Cumbria I think I’ll have to visit his Keswick café.

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Anne Michaud said...

Gareth, that review was torture. I want to make bread - now!

I love how you review EVERY genre there is, even cook books:)