Tuesday, 29 November 2011

VIDEO GAMES REVIEW: Skyrim - Bethesda

Release Date: 11/11/11


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim XBOX 360 video game is the fifth addition in this classic fantasy gaming series. The game is set in an ancient land that has been ravaged by civil war and plagued by a fierce God in the form of a massive dragon. As a strong and skilful warrior you must battle hard if you are to save the land of Skyrim. With fantastic open- world gameplay this first-person video game is action role-playing at its very best. The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim XBOX 360 video game is packed with action from start to finish and will prove very hard to put down.


OK, so you’ve slaughtered your way through Daggerfall, cunningly snuck around Morrowind and of course you’ve managed to solve the problems within Oblivion that brought a Daedra Lord through to end the reign of the Septims. So what are you going to do now?

Well worry no longer as you can tackle the Dragon problem of Skyrim, the land of the Nords, where it’s cold, its snowy and there’s not only big things that go bump in the night but also things that will squish you as soon as look at you. (And yes we mean Mammoths and their Giant Keepers.)

What Skyrim brings to the Elder Scrolls franchise is a game that is different to what has gone before with new additions such as additional skills that you can pick as you level up, a whole range of quests and a game that is a whole lot bigger than what has gone before. Alongside the huge size, there’s a wealth of vocal talent, a whole range of gameplay styles to suit the player (I’ve been sneaking round and sniping whereas Lady Eleanor is more the charge up the middle swinging.)

Finally add to this a lot of creatures, a massive range of missions and it’s a game quite unlike any other out there (especially when you add the new “Shout” power.) It’s got a huge amount of land to explore, a huge amount of missions and of course so many hours of gameplay that I’ve still not got anywhere near completion after a few weeks of multiple hours a day.

That said, the one down side is because it’s so different to the previous titles and that it will take the player some time to get into as well as adapting to the new changes. It’s definitely worth persevering with in my opinion as it has so much to offer the gamer. Cracking.

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