Friday, 4 November 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Vampire Federation 2: The Cross - Scott G Mariani

Release Date: 13/10/11


When an ancient cross is discovered in Eastern Europe it becomes a powerful weapon in the war between the trads and the Vampire Federation -- but soon, the world is threatened by its discovery! The cross of Ardaich, feared by vampires, was believed to have been destroyed during the bloody war between the Vampire Federation and the Trads. But its accidental rediscovery could be catastrophic. Detective Joel Solomon can't forgive VF agent Alex Bishop for making him a vampire. Yet when Federation arch-enemy Gabriel Stone enlists a vicious killer to retrieve the cross, the couple and their human allies become the only defence against pure evil. If the cross is used to gain power by the Ubervampyr, the sadistic and primeval race of elite vampires, it isn't just ordinary vampires like Alex and Joel who will be in danger. Things could be about to turn very nasty for the human race! A high-octane, action-packed adventure that will thrill fans of Charlaine Harris, Blade and The Passage.


Having been lucky enough to interview Scott after the release of his first title I knew who would take the lead within this title and have had it marked on my calendar for quite some time. As expected the story centres around someone becoming acclimatised to the changes in their life, having to grow and expand to adapt to the sudden shocks as well as having to deal with the bigger picture whilst they struggle against their own dramas.

It’s clever, it has a wonderful outline and of course the characters will grow with the reader which allows them to adapt to the world as they explore. Add to this a wonderful pace; some great prose which when backed with dialogue that matches the scenarios and the authorly voice that’s uniquely Scott and it’s a title I really enjoyed.

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