Wednesday, 2 November 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Strain Trilogy 3: The Night Eternal - Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Release Date: 13/10/11


The nail-biting vampire thriller from the world-famous director of Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy. The night belongs to them, and it will be a night eternal! After the blasts, it was all over. Nuclear Winter has settled upon the earth. Except for one hour of sunlight a day, the whole world is plunged into darkness. It is a near-perfect environment for vampires. They have won. It is their time. Almost every single man, woman and child has been enslaved in vast camps across the globe. Like animals, they are farmed, harvested for the sick pleasure of the Master Race. Almost, but not all. Somewhere out there, hiding for their lives, is a desperate network of free humans, continuing the seemingly hopeless resistance. Everyday people, with no other options -- among them Dr Ephraim Goodweather, his son Zack, the veteran exterminator Vasily, and former gangbanger Gus. To be free, they need a miracle, they need divine intervention. But Salvation can be a twisted game -- one in which they may be played like pawns in a battle of Good and Evil. And at what cost!?


Whilst I have enjoyed the other two titles by Guillermo and Chuck, I sadly have to say that this one was a real let down, it was mainly pure action, had no real reasoning behind it and whilst it would have made an acceptable film in this format it was sadly lacking.

Add to this poor description and a storyline that picks up two years later that should have had more happening and it felt rather like filler rather than a book that had any real merit leaving me thinking that the duo would have been better leaving the series as a duology instead. Finally add to this rather poor characterisation, dire prose and a story that didn’t make any real sense and it was sadly a mishmash I’d rather have missed.

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Anne Michaud said...

I was anticipating that, I must admit. The first was such a great book, the second meh, and now this one sounds like I should pass.
Thanks Gareth, you've just saved me 20$:)