Wednesday, 9 November 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Jane True 4: Eye of the Tempest - Nicole Peeler

Release Date: 06/10/11


Nothing says 'home' like being attacked by humans with very large guns, as supernatural halfling Jane True discovers when she arrives in Rockabill. These are professionals, brought in to kill, and they bring her love interest Anyan down before either of them can react. Seeing Anyan fall awakens a terrible power within Jane, and she nearly destroys herself taking out their attackers. Jane wakes, weeks later, to discover that she's not the only thing that's been stirring. Something underneath Rockabill is coming to life: something ancient, something powerful, and something that just might destroy the world. Jane and her friends must act, striking out on a quest that only Jane can finish. For whatever lurks beneath the waters of the Old Sow must be stopped ...and Jane's just the halfling for the job.


It probably won’t come as a shock to discover that the Jane True series a guilty pleasure of mine, I love the snark, I love the characters within and perhaps best of all I love the way that the heroine isn’t a combat ready paranormal terminator as she has to solve her problems with smarts as well as a bit of lateral thinking.

Add to this Nicole’s wonderful writing style as well as some great prose and decent pace which makes this one hard to put down, although that said, it can be a little slow in places almost as if we were waiting for a familiar voice to pop in with some advice that never arrived. All in though its still a great book and one that I enjoyed from the first page to the last. Cracking.

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