Saturday, 5 November 2011

CUISINE REVIEW: Hawksmoor at Home: Meat, Seafood, Sides, Breakfasts, Puddings, Cocktails - Will Beckett, Huw Gott, Richard Turner, Dan Lepard

Release Date: 13/10/11


""Hawsmoor at Home" should be covered in fingerprints and splashes of food, as it's a great hands-on book to use every day". (Heston Blumenthal). 'When we started out we had a simple plan - to open the best steak restaurant in London. We travelled the world searching for the perfect steak, but discovered that beef from traditional breeds, reared the old-fashioned way right here in Britain, and cooked simply over real charcoal, packed more flavour than anything we tried on our travels'. The critics have hailed Hawksmoor as one of the great restaurant openings of recent years. Their credo is simple: the best ingredients - dictionary-thick steaks from Longhorn cattle traditionally reared in North Yorkshire by multi-award-winners "The Ginger Pig", dry-aged for at least thirty-five days, simply cooked on a real charcoal grill. Their cocktails, wines and desserts too have been applauded to the echo. "Hawksmoor at Home" is a practical cookbook which shows you how to buy and cook great steak and seafood and indeed much else (including how to cook the both the 'best burger in Britain' and the 'best roast beef in Britain'); how to mix terrific cocktails and choose wine to accompany your meal. Above all "Hawksmoor at Home" entertains and informs in the inimitable 'Hawksmoor' way.


OK, when it comes to food I’m a simple guy, I like good quality produce, cooked to perfection with ingredients to enhance the experience that don’t overpower the meal’s main “star.” Too many chefs believe that people want Nouvelle Cuisine style food that requires GPS to locate it and over complicate things through the use cheffy terms that confuse the reader as well as allowing the location to overcharge for food.

What the Hawksmoor book does is take you through the stages of making sure that you have a good piece of meat, where it comes from on the animal (as well as which breeds to use), preparation techniques and also cooking to make the most of the meals main star. In addition to this, they include a whole host of real treats from sausage and burger recipes to how to dress a crab alongside accompaniment’s, great breakfasts, desserts and even drinks to enjoy with the meal.

All in a cracking book and one that will be read time and again as the reader learns some new tricks as well as some wonderful family meals and I can heartily recommend the Ultra Slow Roast Rump (cooks in 4 hours at a low heat) which was not only succulent but a real treat worth every penny for that special Sunday dinner. I really can’t wait to try a number of others out especially with Christmas coming up so that I can present a meal that will not only full of flavour but one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Definitely one of my favourite Cuisine titles of this year.

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