Tuesday, 22 November 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Lightbringer - KD McEntire

Release Date: 22/11/11


Wendy has the ability to see souls that have not moved on—but she does not seek them out. They seek her. They yearn for her . . . or what she can do for them. Without Wendy’s powers, the Lost, the souls that have died unnaturally young, are doomed to wander in the never forever, and Wendy knows she is the only one who can set them free by sending them into the light.

Each soul costs Wendy, delivering too many souls would be deadly, and yet she is driven to patrol, dropping everyone in her life but her best friend, Eddie—who wants to be more than friends—until she meets Piotr.

Piotr, the first Rider and guardian of the Lost, whose memory of his decades in the never, a world that the living never see, has faded away. With his old-fashioned charms, and haunted kindness, he understands Wendy in ways no one living ever could, yet Wendy is hiding that she can do more than exist in the never. Wendy is falling for a boy who she may have to send into the light.

But there are darker forces looking for the Lost. Trying to regain the youth and power that the Lost possess, the dark ones feed on the Lost and only Wendy and Piotr can save them—but at what cost?

Lightbringer is a YA urban fantasy/romance set in a world a breath away from our own. Similar in tone to Tithe and Unleashed, Lightbringer tiptoes down the line between love and horror as Wendy discovers herself and the darkest parts of the afterlife.


I love a good ghost story and when this title landed by debut author KD McEntire, I was expecting a real treat as I had elements of Medium, elements of Ghost Whisperer and of course the authors own touch to give you a story that should take you to a world with new rules especially when its a cross over adult/ya title.

Whilst I partly expected a touch of Trent Jamieson into the mix I was a little surprised at the book as a whole as the idea was fresh and interesting but sadly the execution let the title down as it seemed to stop and start and felt that it didn’t really have the cohesion that as I reader I expect. The lead character was interesting but sadly the overall blending of narrative, dialogue and execution left me thinking that the book was only half finished and lacked the final polish that I come to expect.

Sadly this won’t impress many but for a debut author, it will hopefully lead to many other successful titles provided lessons are learned.


Pat Hollett said...

That's unfortunate. After reading the blurb, my thoughts went to 'Ghost Whisperer' as well. Since I love that show, I read on to see what your review entailed. Possibly like you said, some lessons to be learned will help with future titles.

Angela Addams said...

That's too bad cause it sounds really cool...might pick it up anyway and give it a shot.