Sunday, 13 November 2011

THRILLER REVIEW: The Lion - Nelson Demille

Release Date: 10/11/11


Asad Khalil - aka 'The Lion' - is the most dangerous man alive. A ruthless Libyan terrorist with an agenda of death and destruction, he has come to the US to seek out his number one enemy, ex-NYPD homicide detective John Corey. But Corey is equally intelligent, equally ruthless - and equally determined to wipe Khalil off the face of the earth...From the first page to the last line, this is a breakneck-paced race against time between two utterly driven men, between good and breathtaking evil. Acclaimed as the finest of Nelson DeMille's John Corey thrillers, it is the perfect introduction or re-introduction to one of the most compelling heroes in fiction.


I haven’t read any of Nelson’s work before so I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for. As a fan of Jack Reacher and other top thriller characters I instantly stuck up a “friendship” with John Corey who I liked his no nonsense attitude and the fact that he fitted well into the world of Nelson’s creation.

I also like the darker side of the coin, The Lion, as you were never sure what you were going to get. This title is well written, the characters balance each other out and the pace is literally that of a Rollercoaster as you hang on for dear life wondering what will happen next. Add to this cracking prose and a tale that doesn’t let up from the moment it starts which leaves you grasping for a suitable break area so you can get some sleep. Finally add to this one incredibly late night (or early morning in my case) and I was more than willing to take another stroll with Nelson in the future. Definitely a Thriller I’m recommending and one that I’m passing on to the fussiest of Thriller readers, my grandfather.

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