Tuesday, 13 August 2013

CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Dead Rich - Katia Lief

Release Date: 28/07/13
Publisher:  Ebury Press


The rich play by their own rules. Former New York City homicide detective Karin Schaeffer should be enjoying a family holiday in Sardinia. But she and her husband, Mac, arrive on the island to find their children and nanny missing. Is the kidnapping connected to Mac's last case: investigating the infidelities of billionaire Godfrey Millerhausen? And, if so, just how far will the he go to protect their secrets? A Karin Schaeffer Novel


I tend to read quite a lot of crime and recently Katia Lief has been an author that I like to dip into when I want a crime story that has solid pace, some wonderful characters and of course a case that’s going to be tough to crack, so when I received this title I really couldn’t wait to see what she’d have in store for Karin’s latest outing.

What I received that whilst a good story, felt a little bit flat as it seemed to be dealing more with the emotional context rather than developing the plot and whilst this is a key part to the book, I felt that the plot suffered for this slowing the pace to a crawl in places. All round, I will be sticking with Katia however for me, this book isn’t her best to date.

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