Friday, 30 August 2013

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Empire VI: The Eagle's Vengeance - Anthony RIches

Release Date: 22/08/13
Publisher:  Hodder


The Tungrian auxiliary cohorts return to Hadrian's Wall after their successful Dacian campaign, only to find Britannia in chaos. The legions are overstretched, struggling to man the forts of the northern frontier in the face of increasing barbarian resistance. The Tungrians are the only soldiers who can be sent into the northern wastes, far beyond the long abandoned wall built by Antoninus, where a lost symbol of imperial power of the Sixth Victorious Legion is reputed to await them. Protected by an impassable swamp and hidden in a fortress atop a high mountain, the eagle of the Sixth legion must be recovered if the legion is to survive. Marcus and his men must penetrate the heart of the enemy's strength, ghosting through a deadly wilderness patrolled by vicious huntresses before breaching the walls of the Fang, an all-but-impregnable fort, if they are to rescue the legion's venerated standard. If successful their escape will be twice as perilous, with the might of a barbarian tribe at their heels.


It’s no secret that I’ve loved the Empire series since the first book. The writing was crisp, the lead protagonist a joy to spend time with and the trouble that he got into (both on the battlefield as well as off) worked wonderfully well. It made for ideal reading so would I find that I would have the same experience with this book?

To be honest with you, yep, I did. Whilst the novel contains losses of friends, the reader is treated to a high octane story full of political machinations as well as top notch action. Back this up with solid prose, great pace alongside an arc where loose threads are tied up all round makes this a book that was a pure joy to sit down with.

Back this up with the return of some old friends alongside some new devious double dealing villains and all round I was more than happy. I can’t wait to see what Anthony hits back with next, especially when the darker side of a certain city is obviously going to be the key aspect as our heroes work with a new addition, who may or may not be friendly. Great stuff.

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