Wednesday, 7 August 2013

THRILLER REVIEW: The Corporal's Wife - Gerald Seymour

Release Date: 01/08/13
Publisher:  Hodder


A suspenseful and thrilling novel about a small British team sent into Iran to smuggle out a feisty, independent young woman named Farideh. If they are caught, they will all be executed by the fundamentalist government - the Brits because they are effectively spies and Farideh because her husband is regarded as a traitor and she has a dangerous mind of her own. Farideh's husband is a corporal in the Revolutionary Guard, entrapped by MI6 and held in a safe house in Austria for interrogation. His lowly position would not normally make him a target, but his job as a driver to a top general means that he knows the location of secret nuclear sites and has overheard many unguarded conversations. But he won't talk unless they will bring out Farideh. The SAS say it's too dangerous, but the director of the operation doesn't want to lose his prize. He assembles a little team of three ex-soldiers and one student drop-out who knows the language and smuggles them into Tehran. The journey out is an epic of drama and suspense, culminating in a never-to-be-forgotten run for the border. Along the way, we meet many characters, both British and Iranian, who display courage, cowardice, hatred, and love.


To be honest with you here, I only really got into Gerald’s writing when my Grandfather introduced me to him. He loved the depth of characters, the pace and also the way that the author wove his tale to take him on a journey into espionage. So when I started doing a lot of reading, I continued to get his work but always made sure that I passed the books onto him so that we’d have something to discuss that was special between us.

Here in the latest release (the authors 30th book) the reader is treated to a story that really have got a super pace behind it, the characters stand out and of course the twists alongside turns within really do keep the readers attention right the way through as they wonder how the various events are going to be played out. All round a cracking title and one that I had a lot of fun with, especially when I get to chat about it with my grandfather. Great stuff.

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