Friday, 30 August 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Sundering 1: The Companions - R A Salvatore

Release Date: 06/08/13
Publisher:  Wizards of the Coast


This latest installment in New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore's beloved fantasy saga, The Companions moves Salvatore's signature hero Drizzt into a new era of the Forgotten Realms. As Drizzt's fate hangs in the balance, he reflects on the lives of the trusted allies who stood by his side throughout his early life--the friends now known as the Companions of the Hall. Meanwhile, the first stirrings of the Sundering begin.


Ah the sweet pleasures of my youth when I originally discovered Drizzt Do'Urden alongside his fellow companions, Catti-brie, Wulfgar, Bruenor Battlehammer and Regis the Halfling. I had many an adventure with some or all of them and loved the chance to get to spend time away from the real world in their realm.

SO when I discovered this new book coming out by Raymond, I couldn’t wait to get back to my “friends” to see what he had in store for them. As usual the pace is direct and with the story being told from various points of view, as all within embark upon a new adventure to aid the realm and one of the friends in the future. Its definitely a title that will span the turn of time which when added to a whole series that will bring top talent to the fore will generate something special all round. I can’t wait to see what the others have in store.

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Meg K said...

It probably helps to be familiar with Salvatore's other books before reading The Companions. I've only read a few of the other Drizzt books, so felt I was missing out by not knowing more of the characters' past history. However, the choices that Bruenor, Regis and Cattie-brie make and the consequences that follow kept things interesting for me. Cattie-brie is probably the character I related to most and I enjoyed watching her learn more about her magic.