Saturday, 31 August 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Cainsville 1: Omen's - Kelley Armstrong

Release Date: 20/08/13
Publisher:  Orbit


Olivia Jones has lived a life of privilege and good fortune. But on the eve of her wedding she discovers two shocking facts. One - she was adopted. Two - her biological parents are notorious serial killers. And now the secret's out, she's in immediate danger.

Running for her life, Liv must face reality in the most brutal and terrifying way. But then she is confronted with a tantalising hope - is it possible that her parents weren't guilty of the murders after all? And if so, who did commit them?

Arriving at the remote town of Cainsville, Liv believes she has found the perfect place to hide while she uncovers the truth. But Cainsville is no ordinary town - and Liv's arrival was no accident.

Kelley Armstrong's brilliant new novel is a gripping and atmospheric thriller about a town where secrets are soaked into every stone - and omens should never be ignored . . .


Whenever an author finishes a series that has had readers not only loving but talking to all their friends about, it’s always difficult to adapt to something new when all the rules that you’d come to know have changed. So it was with a bit of intrepidation that I picked up this title from Urban Fantasy Fan favourite Kelley Armstrong.

What unfurls within is a story that whilst different to the Otherworld series, gives you the firm flavours that made Kelley a favourite. You have a great lead character who whilst having lived a privileged life has plenty of foibles and hooks for you to get to like. Add solid prose, a great cast as well as dialogue that helps you get to know them all, generates a story that whilst hard to adapt to initially (for me at any rate) was one that as it developed gave me something that upon finishing had me wanting more. All round a great start to a brand new trilogy. Magic.

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