Saturday, 31 August 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Orcs: War Fighting Manual - Den Patrick

Release Date: 22/08/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


Written in the form of a soldier's manual on strategy, tactics and weapons THE ORCS WAR-FIGHTING MANUAL is an innovative and fun way for readers and gamers to add colour and excitement to their knowledge of fantasy's premier villains.

Translated from the original Orcish the book contains details on Orc strengths and weakness, key tactics, survival and field tips and accounts of notorious battles from Orc history as well as key tips on defeating Elves and Dwarves. Puny humans are not considered worth discussing.

With companion volumes for Elves and Dwarves, gaming and comics writer Den Patrick builds up his very own fantasy world and tells its history in a unique and entertaining way.

Illustrated throughout and comes complete with battle and formation maps.


Ah, fighting manuals for the various races in the Fantasy world and something that is not only fun but imaginative. With the pointy eared ones and stunties to follow (Elves and Dwarves to most people) I’m a firm fan of the Greenskins who often get the bad side of the press except from authors like Stan Nicholls who gives them a whole host of adventures that are a joy to read.

Here within this book is an inventive history, battle tactics and of course details of them as a whole told from their own point of view. All round it’s a good bit of fun and a series that is going to hold price and place in my own collection for quite some time. (Provided I can make sure that some sneaky so and so doesn’t nip in and steal it.)

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