Thursday, 29 August 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Katie Maguire 2: Broken Angels - Graham Masterton

Release Date: 29/08/13
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


One cold spring morning in County Cork, two fishermen find a bundle of rags floating in the Blackwater River. It is the bloated body of Father Heaney. His hands and feet are bound, and his neck bears the marks of garrotting wire. Worse still, he has been castrated. When a second priest is found murdered, his body bruised and beaten and the same savage wound hidden beneath his soutane, Detective Inspector Katie Maguire finds evidence of a sinister cover-up at St Joseph's Orphanage. But the Catholic diocese still wields considerable power here, and the Garda are under pressure to close the case. Katie has to work alone if she is to catch the killer in time - but first she must shatter a wall of silence that for decades has hidden a terrible secret. A secret that is beyond belief...


I loved Graham’s first Katie Maguire title, the way that the Irish sense of humour was brought across alongside characters that I really wanted to spend time around. The prose is sharp, the plot line wonderfully constructed which when added to a masters story telling style allows the reader to form attachments to all the players within.

It’s definitely a quirky crime novel and gives me a whole host of things to sit back and enjoy. Finally add to the mix the wonderful use of the accent alongside enough twists to keep you guessing all round makes this a series that I’ve made sure is top of my reading list for each subsequent release. Thank you Graham.

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