Wednesday, 14 August 2013

GRAPHIC NOVEL SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos: Endgame - John Wagner, Henry Flint, Colin MacNeil

Release Date: 18/07/13
Publisher:  2000AD/Rebellion


With the Chaos virus released, Mega-City One totters on the brink of extinction. Judge Dredd and a weakened Justice department are desperately trying to stay in control. But the citywide infection has taken its toll and the chances of anyone coming away unscathed is looking less and less likely as each new day goes by. Features the much welcomed return of some of Dredd's greatest enemies the Dark Judges!


This is a graphic novel series that you just can’t ignore, after all, the Day of Chaos is one of such scope that its been a key favourite for quite some time. It has great graphics, wonderful storytelling and when backed with breath-taking artwork all round makes this one that just can’t be ignored. Throw into the mix a whole set of twists that will keep you glued, great colouring and of course Dredd at his best all round makes this one that will please graphic novel fans the world over.

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