Sunday, 4 August 2013

URBAN FANTASY CRIME - The Homecoming - Carsten Stroud

Release Date: 01/08/13
Publisher:  Century


When two plane crashes set off a spellbinding chain reaction of murder, inadvertent kidnapping, corporate corruption and financial double-dealing, Niceville detective Nick Kavanaugh has to investigate. To add to his worries, he and his wife, Kate, have also just taken in brutally orphaned Rainey Teague. Something bothers Nick about Rainey - and it isn't just that the woman in charge of attendance at Rainey's school has suspiciously disappeared. In fact, people have long been disappearing from seemingly placid Niceville, including, most disturbingly, Kate's father. Using his files, Kate and Nick start to unearth Niceville's blood-stained history, but something (or is it Nothing?) stands in their way...


Whilst I had problems with the original, this second offering from Carsten really seemed to work so much better (although it could be because I’m not used to his writing style.) The prose was sharp, the author brought all the sort of things I expected form the original into this title and when added to some backstory carefully placed within, worked a whole lot better for me as a reader.

Add to this a very sharp story-arc, some cleverly plotted twists alongside some other misdirection as the author drip fed the reader the clues, all round works wonderfully. Great stuff.

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