Monday, 19 August 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Mike Bowditch 3: Bad Little Falls - Paul Dorion

Release Date: 18/06/13
Publisher:  Constable Crime


Game warden Mike Bowditch has been sent into exile, transferred by his superiors to a remote outpost on the Canadian border. When a blizzard descends on the coast, Bowditch is called to the remote cabin of a terrified couple. A raving and half-frozen man has appeared at their door, claiming his friend is lost in the storm. But what starts as a rescue mission soon becomes a baffling murder investigation. The dead man is an infamous drug dealer and state police suspect it was his own friend who killed him. Bowditch isn't so sure - but his vow not to interfere in the case is tested when he finds himself powerfully attracted to a beautiful woman with a dark past and a troubled young son who harbours secrets of his own..


To be honest I’m new to Paul’s writing and whilst it was an OK crime title, for me it wasn’t anything that stood out against a lot of the other books out there. Don’t get me wrong, the story was OK but for me it was something that could have been edited a lot more and made a tighter novella rather than a full length title as in places it really took its time to get where it was trying to. Add to the mix characters that I wasn’t too happy with and dialogue that really didn’t keep me interested all round made this a book that was something that won’t make the author rise on my TBR list.

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