Tuesday, 20 August 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Maeve Kerrigan 4: The Stranger You Know - Jane Casey

Release Date: 04/07/13
Publisher:  Ebury Press


He meets women. He gains their trust. He kills them. That's all Maeve Kerrigan knows about the man she is hunting. Three women have been strangled in their homes by the same sadistic killer. With no sign of a break-in, every indication shows that they let in their attacker. But the evidence is pointing at a shocking suspect: DCI Josh Derwent, Maeve's colleague. Maeve refuses to believe he could be involved, but how well does she really know her partner? After all, this is hardly the first time Derwent's been accused of murder...


I love a story that tends to get away from the normal PC (please pardon the pun) point of view and get back to a certain amount of the old school boys in blue who rather than being sensitive and sweet, believe in saying what they think whilst solving the crime. That’s what you get in this title and whilst it’s part of the Maeve Kerrigan series it’s a book that centres mainly around the cracking DI Josh Derwent (who for me is someone akin to Gene Hunt.)

The prose is sharp, there’s some solid twists and whilst this is more of an emotional title its one that will deliver the reader a story that they can not only sink their teeth into but one that they can sit back and enjoy as the tale unfurls. All round a solid book and one that I had a lot of fun with.

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