Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FANTASY SHORT STORY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Wind of Change - CL Werner

Release Date: 30/05/13
Publisher:  Black Library


The dark elf land of Naggaroth is bitter and inhospitable, and the distant north even more so. Belithi – a beastmistress of Karond Kar – and her hunting party venture into this frozen wasteland, the border of the dread Chaos wastes. But unimaginable dangers wait in these northern climes, and even the power of the druchii may not be enough to resist the power of the Wind of Change.


A cracking short story that readers of the Warhammer world will last as things that you expect are twisted beyond your imagination as this title brings all sorts of wonders to the reader as the dark elves learn to deal with things beyond their normal beliefs. Its quirky, it has some great twists and with solid action alongside top prose really makes this a short story that you can get behind. Add to the mix a wonderful turn of phrase with an author who really likes to deliver a killer punchline all round gave me something to make me smile with its final line.

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