Tuesday, 6 August 2013

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Agent of Rome: The Far Shore - Nick Brown

Release Date: 18/07/13
Publisher:  Hodder


When the deputy commander of Rome's Imperial Security Service is assassinated on the island of Rhodes, Cassius Corbulo swiftly finds himself embroiled in the investigation. Assisted once more by ex-gladiator bodyguard Indavara and servant Simo, his search for the truth is complicated by the involvement of the dead man's headstrong daughter, Annia. Braving hostile seas, Cassius and his allies follow the assassin's trail south aboard a ship captained by a roguish Carthaginian smuggler and manned by his disparate, dangerous crew. Their journey leads them to the farthest reaches of the empire; to a ruined city where the rules of Roman civilization have long been abandoned, and a deadly battle of wits with a brutal, relentless foe.


Nick Brown has been an author that I love to spend time with, I love the way he weaves historical fiction with mystery alongside giving the criminal element to make the book something that will entertain readers of many genres. Add to this some wonderful imaginative sequences, cracking prose alongside a story arc that really does keep the pages turning all round makes this something special.

And whilst all this is enough for most people what really works well is the characters within, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, they all have their own agenda’s but perhaps best of all it’s the dialogue along with their interactions that really do make this a title that is a joy to read. All round a great book and one that I will be rereading again soon.

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