Friday, 25 June 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Draw and Paint Vampires - Scott Purdy


This title includes ten extremely gradual step by step projects that show how to conceptualise, draw and paint a great selection of fantasy art vampires. Projects include all vampire classics - from the legendary Dracula to modern pop-culture icons such as a Goth Vampire and a High School Cheerleader vampire. First part of the book provides general guidelines on basic concepts and art techniques, and vampire lore - accompanied throughout by Scott's highly impactful art. For anyone who draws and paints fantasy art, but particularly teenage/twenty-somethings who really 'dig' vampires and vampire-related culture.


Traditional artwork of fantasy creatures for the artistically minded and one that will give the reader a number of years experience in a very short time. Easy to follow, beautifully written with step by step instructions to allow the reader to create their own vamps in a very short time. Add to the mix a style that is pretty easy to replicate it’s a title that will inspire as well as impress the reader with their own sense of accomplishment after following Scott’s advice. Also add to the mix some great tips on how to organise your workspace, what colours work well together and its lessons that will last a lifetime.

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