Friday, 18 June 2010

WRITING ADVICE: Writing Critique Survival Guide - Becky Levine


The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide presents the best way to create a respectful, productive writing or critique group, discussing all the important details of finding a group, running a critique meeting, and building a group that will evolve with its members. Each chapter, whether discussing plot or character or voice, teaches the writer how to read for a critique, learn from criticism, organize and prioritise feedback, revise based on the specific feedback they receive, and more. This title is perfect for writers and creative-writing students.


Whilst some would say that the sheer volume of reading that I do is to big to count, I tend to utilise it as a lot of research to learn what not only works within the writing world for me, but also to learn what I didn’t like and thus learn lessons from within. Currently I’m going to be looking into creating some basic tales to learn the background but in order to grow as a writer you have to not only submit pieces but learn how to take critism without turning into the Incredible Hulk. (A lesson that a number of established authors are still learning the hard way.)

What this book will do is help you to find the right (or perhaps write) group for you to submit pieces to, how to critique others pieces and how to take what they’ve got to say about your own. It’s a minefield out there so its always a tricky ground to walk. This book is really an invaluable guide to a newbie as well as one that will help others to learn how to improve some of their already established skills and has something for every writer within. A good title and one that will invariably have the reader flicking from time and again into its pages for a touch of inspiration or to relearn the odd lesson.

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Michelle said...

The right set of betas and crit partners is crucial. Never knew there was a book on it, though! Thanks!